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Chemours Co FC, LLC
DuPont Building 2050A
1007 Market Street
Wilmington, DE  19898
United States
Phone:  +1 302-773-2280
Fax:  +1 302-773-2280

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Deal with a reliable source for capital equipment in the chemicals industry.

To view 39 detailed, real-time listings of our current inventory, use our Fast FIND search engine above or browse through the product types shown below:
Some of our most recent listings:
List all items of this typeBalances in Laboratory Equipment
1 available in Wilmington, DE
List all items of this typeForklifts in Forklifts and Accessories
1 available in Niagara Falls, New York
List all items of this typeLifters - Other in Lifters and Hoists
1 available in Parkersburg, West Virginia
List all items of this typeAgitator Impellers in Agitator Components
3 available in Deepwater, NJ
List all items of this typeOther Items and Mixed Lots in ALL CATEGORIES
1  lot available in Wilmington, Delaware

Manufacturers whose products are currently available include: